The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute team is headed by Chadwick C. Prodromos MD: an international leader in the use of stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatment. Dr. Prodromos received his Bachelor’s degree with honors from Princeton University and his MD degree from the Johns Hopkins Medical School. He served his surgical internship at the University of Chicago; his Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Rush University and his fellowship in Orthopaedics and Sportsmedicine at the Harvard medical school and Massachusetts General Hospital. He is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and is editor of a major textbook for orthopaedic surgeons on the ACL.


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Prodromos Stem Cell Insitute in Athens, Greece

About Dr. Prodromos

Dr. Chadwick Prodromos is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon with a distinguished background in sports medicine. He completed his Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Fellowship at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in 1985 and a residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center in 1984. Earlier, he undertook a Surgical Internship at the University of Chicago in 1980 after receiving his M.D. Degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1979. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University, obtained in 1975.

Based at 1714 Milwaukee Avenue, Glenview, IL, Dr. Prodromos is not only Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery since 1987 but has also been re-certified in 1997, 2007, and 2017. His roles have included serving as the Medical Director of The Illinois Orthopaedic Foundation and as President of Illinois Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Centers. He has also been an Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Rush University for 27 years and a respected peer reviewer for several orthopaedic journals. His expertise was also recognized through his consultancy work with the Illinois High School Association Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and as the former Medical Director for the Arena Football League.Dr. Prodromos has contributed significantly to orthopaedic literature and education.

As the Editor-in-Chief of "The Anterior Cruciate Ligament: Reconstruction and Basic Science," published by Elsevier, he led the first edition in October 2007 and the second in July 2017, working with notable associate editors in the field. He has also contributed to "Practical Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy" and "The Shoulder," authoritative texts in the field. His dedication to research and education extends to his active participation in presenting at national and international conferences on various advanced topics in orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine, from innovative surgical techniques to the application of laser therapy in joint treatment.

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Stem Cell Treatments


Virtually all experts now believe that stem cell infusion using young stem cells is a key part of any anti-aging regimen. We have received recognition for our program.


We have seen success treating all of these lung disorders with stem cell treatment.


85% of our ASD patients have responded to simple intra-venous mesenchymal stem cell infusion with meaningful improvement in calmness, sleep, and/or verbalization.


Simple stem cell epidural, facet and sometimes disc injection, combined with intravenous infusion, is safe, and has shown efficacy in 93% of our treated patients with back and neck pain.


Success can be achieved with simple intravenous infusion, but there is evidence that submucosal injection by colonoscopy can achieve better results – both are available at our center.


Stem cell scalp injections consistently increase hair thickness in males and females. It will not regrow hair in completely bald patients.


Mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to improve heart performance: specifically the left ventricular ejection fraction which is decreased in heart failure.


Mild to moderate memory loss is a distressing part of the aging process for many. Intravenous stem cell infusion is consistently effective in reducing “brain fog” and improving memory.


MS generally responds well to stem cell infusion using one of two techniques.


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